Invited talks

Voices from the Field: Practices, Challenges, and Directions in Digital Humanities (see vide). Digital Humanities 2.0. University of Minnesota, October 2011

Interface Lab Live. The Future of Humanities: eHumanities in Practice. Royal Netherlads Academy of Art and Sciences, Amsterdam, September 2011

Developing Alfalab (see video). Virtual Research Environments – the next steps.  Knowledge Exchange Workshop. Rotterdam, June 2010

Virtual Fieldwork (invited lecture). Online Research Methods Workshop. European University Florence, May 2010

Anthropological Fieldwork: How can anthropology and STS benefit from each other (invited lecture). The Netherlands Graduate School of Science, Technology and Modern Culture, Summer School, August 2010

Nonverbal Communication in 3D Virtual Environments (invited lecture).  Board of European Students of Technology.  University of Niss, July 2008

Second Life, Second Body: A Microethnographic Analysis of Nonverbal Communication in  a Multiuser 3D Virtual Environment. Institute for New Media Studies, University of Minnesota, May 2007

Into the Blogosphere: New Models of Research and Publication with Blogs. With: Laura Gurak, Laurie Johnson, Clancy Ratliff, Jessica Reyman and Krista Kennedy. UMN  Fall 2004 Feminist Studies Colloquium Series, University of Minnesota, November 2004