Digital cultural production

Ieyeo35n this workshop we will learn how to create and present cultural content in digital environments.

We will start with an introduction to digital cultural production, and we will take a look at contemporary tools, methods, and new media prompted production practices, such as crowdsourcing.

We will then turn to applying tools and methods of digital cultural production to students’ projects.

Working in small groups, students will select a cultural production theme such as a cultural event, institution, person, or work of art, and develop a design strategy for presenting that theme in a digital environment.

Developing a design strategy will entail elements such as product and audience analyses, applying the language of new media, understanding visual rhetoric, and the like.

Parallel with this, students will learn to use WordPress publishing platform, which will enable them to present their digital products.

By the end of the workshop, each of the student groups will have created a website or a blog where they will present their selected cultural theme by applying the design strategy they had developed.

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