The Google Books app is shown on Google's Android operating system, Honeycomb, on a Motorola Xoom tablet device following a news conference at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CaliforniaConceptualizing digital identity

Liesbeth van Zoonen, From identity to identification: fixating the fragmented self

Bernie Hogan, The Presentation of Self in the Age of Social Media: Distinguishing Performances and Exhibitions Online

Migrants and digital technologies

Nelly Elias and Dafna Lemish, Spinning the web of identity-the roles of the internet in the lives of immigrant adolescents

Natalia Khvorostianov, Nelly Elias and Galit Nimrod, Without it I am nothing’- The internet in the lives of older immigrants

Digital cultural production

Mark Deuze, Participation, Remediation, Bricolage- Considering Principal Components of a Digital Culture

Liesbet van Zoonen, Farida Vis, and Sabina Mihelj, YouTube interactions between agonism, antagonism and dialogue- Video responses to the anti-Islam video Fitna

You, me, and everyone in between: privacy in a digital age  

Hichang Cho, Milagros Rivera-Sánchez and Sun Sun Lim, A multinational study on online privacy- global concerns and local responses

Saadi Lahlou, Identity, social status, privacy and face-keeping in digital society

Online embodiment

Niels van Doorn, Digital spaces, material traces: How matter comes to matter in online performances of gender, sexuality and embodiment

Smiljana Antonijevic, From Text to Gesture Online

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