Celebration of the past, glimpse into the future

Useful and interesting combination of anthropology, archeology, museology, and digital technologies.

“A celebration of the past and a glimpse into the future, Dickson Mounds held an open house on Sunday, Aug. 21.

Approximately 200 visitors were given a chance to look behind the exhibits to see the real work of collecting, processing, and researching the items found on local excavation sites or presented to the museum by collectors donating their artifacts.

Visitors were also able to learn about the digitizing plat map project, as well as hear and ask questions about the history of Dickson Mounds itself courtesy of Alan Harn, Assistant Curator of Anthropology at the museum.

And for the younger ones, the past came alive as they got a chance to make their own masks and rattles, as well as grind corn and operate drills in the same fashion as the earlier inhabitants of the Spoon River Valley area.” Read more

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