When Chatbots Talk and Smile

Thirty five years ago, McDermott described, in his now classical piece, what might happen when Artificial Intelligence Meets Natural StupidityCornell’s Creative Machines Lab recently released a short clip showing what might happen when AI meets AI.

In the video, two chatbots talk to each other, discussing God, philosophy, their robot identity, and other things one would expect two chatbots to discuss. 🙂 The clip is nicely done, showing interesting conversational twists that might occur in AI interaction.

As a researcher of digital nonverbal communication, I found particularly interesting the bots’ gestures and facial expressions incorporated into the conversation. Gender differences are quite obvious (not to say stereotypical), as it is often the case with agents’ precoded nonverbal behavior, but overall integration of nonverbal cues into the conversation seems promising. It will be interesting to follow how the Creative Machines people will further be developing/resolving the question of chatbots’ nonverbal expression.

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